The Future of Legend Beginning

Hey, all. Not sure if anyone is still reading this blog, but I feel this should be said.

No, I haven’t quit Thunder, I just decided to take a break from developing the game while putting the animated series on hiatus to make room for a new project. I still have Thunder in mind.

Recently I made the decision to leave GameJolt after being threatened by a moderator with a ban for seemingly no reason other than the fact that they were irritated about the fact that I was being targeted and harassed on their site. Just goes to show exactly how professional they are, which is to say not at all. You’ve probably also noticed that I have deleted my DeviantArt account which was also closed due to drama, both from users and administrators.

So from now on, I will be posting all gamedev related content on my page which is where I plan to bring Thunder: Legend Beginning. Not only that, but I also plan to remaster the original product and remake it from the ground up to be more of an alternate universe based story as to not spoil the canonical story. So if you want to see anything related to Thunder in the future, follow me on and if you want to see visual content, you can follow me on Twitter @SuperThunder2 or my ArtStation which is I’ll be seeing you there, and just to let you know I do plan to update my page to actually show content on it being as my playlists are hidden. As for the project I plan to do for the time being, it’s actually called Vindicator and you can visit the official site/blog at this address.

Of course, the game being moved to a new page does not mean that this site will be shutting down. I am keeping it open in case I wish to post any new updates relating to Legend Beginning.

Thank you for all of the support and I hope you’re having a good day.


Devlog – 8/22/2018

Thunder: Legend Beginning Feature Updates
New features to (hopefully) be added to the game include:

• Complex pet feeding system: Basically includes set diets for pets based on what they eat in the wild. (Carnivorous, herbivorous, etc.)

• Morality system: This will not make the game unplayable or make certain story elements inaccessible. However, players will be penalized every time they do something wrong; (i.e. starving a pet of their natural diet.)

• A chapter system: Different chapters based on the game’s story.

• Bestiary: Should be self explanatory, but it’s a book of monsters encountered during your adventure.

• New Saving System: Involves an event-based saving system.



• New build – Beta 2.0

• Changed title and story to avoid series spoilers

• Changed title menu

• Added volume control

• Added new graphics + New NPCs

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