Devlog – 8/22/2018

Thunder: Legend Beginning Feature Updates
New features to (hopefully) be added to the game include:

• Complex pet feeding system: Basically includes set diets for pets based on what they eat in the wild. (Carnivorous, herbivorous, etc.)

• Morality system: This will not make the game unplayable or make certain story elements inaccessible. However, players will be penalized every time they do something wrong; (i.e. starving a pet of their natural diet.)

• A chapter system: Different chapters based on the game’s story.

• Bestiary: Should be self explanatory, but it’s a book of monsters encountered during your adventure.

• New Saving System: Involves an event-based saving system.




• New build – Beta 2.0

• Changed title and story to avoid series spoilers

• Changed title menu

• Added volume control

• Added new graphics + New NPCs

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