IMPORTANT WARNING: This game contains violence, strong language, suggestive themes, use of cannabis and alcohol, and may include references to racism (speciesism.)

The legend begins with Thunder, a young Néagi Wolf with a unique gift allowing her to create very strong static electricity with the mere usage of heat friction. Accompanying her side is Ryan, a Kokunai Fox with a gift of his own, allowing him to use spiritual magic and illusionary imagery.

Gaia ShadedThe two venture across Gaia to rescue their friends while facing various challenges and obstacles along the way. They then discover a serious culprit responsible for the threat, and much more.

*Actual in-game screenshot*



Navigate through cities and beyond, fighting off threatening creatures and collecting Silver (Ag) as you make your way across Namman. Bring down tough monsters and befriend innocent ones. You can also collect pets and tame new ones.


Launch Date: TBA


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